05 Jun Indian summer – Why I love it

I remember an Israeli girl describing to an English girl in London, the intensity of an Israeli summer. How extremely hot it was and how she revelled in its unique feeling. I felt that she could have been describing an Indian summer. How does she know exactly how...

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Victory over Illness

28 May Victory over Illness

Ask an Olympic athlete the value of a fraction of a second, it is said. But ask anyone of us, who’s had a dear one ill, the value of health – immeasurable is the deeply felt realisation. Doctors have a battery of tests – technological tools...

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Nidhi Dalmia

23 Mar Ides of March

‘Tis the ides of March. In school it often reminded us of Caesar, Cassius and Brutus. Now as those classroom memories fade, we are still left with the blue skies this month has in Delhi, the soft breeze and the leaves in the wind. There...

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