23 Feb Travel is always worth it

When is  the best time to travel or the right amount of it ? it may not come. But does It mean one holds off ? One makes the most of it and one still goes ahead, unless its wholly impractical. One will be glad after...

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22 Feb Harp – A Brief Idea about the Book

What made you turn to writing? What is the inspiration and purpose of the book? We all have stories to tell. I always wanted to write. “Catch your dreams before they slip away,’ sang The Rolling Stones. I wanted to describe the hope and idealism of...

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22 Feb Delhi’s Aga Khan Heritage

A mammoth undertaking to restore and develop Delhi’s Nizamuddin will end this time next year. How has it transformed one of the most historic and touristy areas of the country? This could be the closest thing to paradise. Here, the world is all grass and birds,...

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