Indian summer – Why I love it

05 Jun Indian summer – Why I love it

I remember an Israeli girl describing to an English girl in London, the
intensity of an Israeli summer. How extremely hot it was and how she
revelled in its unique feeling. I felt that she could have been describing
an Indian summer. How does she know exactly how I felt?

Above all, there is the association of long, endless summer holidays –
an association from school and college days but an association so
strong that it still holds. I think of summer and a smile spreads across
my face. Of matinees at Rivoli or Plaza in Connaught Place – movies in
air-conditioned halls and stepping out of them when it was still light; of
cold coffee – that unique Indian concoction; of summer fruits from the
hills – lychees, plums, cherries, sour green apples, alphonso mangoes
followed by other varieties like dussehri, safeda, chausa et al; of
evening light that stretches till 8 pm; of swimming and going
underwater; of chameli, champa, raat ki rani and har shringar- the
fragrant flowers that augment the moonlight

In the West, Indian summer has a different meaning – some days of
pleasant relatively warm weather in the autumn when it has already
turned cold – a welcome and unexpected illusion of the return of

I will embrace both variants.

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