Cuban Sojourn

Cuban Sojourn

Just an hour s direct flight from Miami lies another world – far from the $$ signs and money obsession of Florida.

This small country is the only Communist country in Latin America and one of the remaining  5 in the world is well worth a visit.

The brightly painted American cars from the 1950 s  – red, yellow, mauve, violet are striking. What Capitalism used to attract its customers then, still attracts for different reasons. They are spruced up and repaired with parts designed by human ingenuity and resourcefulness in the absence of Originals. These cars some of them with open tops, run fine

The payment is in CCU- Cuban Convertible Currency, which converts at the rate of  1:1 to the US $. Locals use Cuban Pesos a different currency with buying power 1/24th of the CCU. Many items are only available for the Convertible Currency. a certain amount of bargaining in shops seems common

Havana is a beautiful old Latin American town especially but not only in the old city, with buildings that have a distinct character. There are hardly any skyscrapers in sharp contrast to its giant neighbor.

One of the best walks is on the Malekon, the Quay that stretches along the ocean with a rampart on which one can sit.

This is the home of the original Havana Cigar which comes in various Grades. In America, it is mostly not available and people have to make do with Dominican Cigars. But the best Havana Cigars are something else, in their taste, in their aroma, in their feel.  And the best thing for non-smokers is that a Cigar is never inhaled.

Havana Reserve Rum is another thing that is unbelievably smooth. Rum has always made me feel sick with its particular type of sweetness. But this best quality Rum parallels the smoothest Scotch.

Cuba is not just Havana – it is mountains and valleys, unique underwater caves and friendly people. In stark contrast to Next Door, there is hardly any Crime.

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