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One World Government

My father Ramkrishna Dalmia strongly espoused and spread the concept of One World Government . Nation states are narrow and ever changing . Humanity is just that. Our world was always interconnected and today it is even more so . A butterfly flapping its wings in Siberia affects the rainforests in Brazil , it is said. And the actions of powerful nations like the US affect world citizens everywhere whether they consider themselves that or not . As affected parties all world citizens ( whether they consider themselves that or not) should have a say in electing people like Trump .

In India we always believed in Vasudev Kutumbakam – the whole world is your family ,in Sanskrit. One of the names he gave me was Vishvatma – who has the world in his heart . In the novel Harp ,one snowy night in December , ashok , when taking a train from Prague to Warsaw , in the days when both were Communist and underdeveloped , was asked by a student wearing a Polish student cap, where he was from. “Swiecie” I said in Polish ( frozen in the – 30*C cold), meaning from the World. Ashok like me didn’t want to identify with anything less.

The benefits of a one World Government are self evident. Barriers to free movement of goods and people would go. It would be John Lennon s ‘Imagine’. No one to fight a War against. No good guys and bad guys. Through gradual balanced development there would be no underdeveloped areas. There would be checks and balances against the tyranny of democracy presently being witnessed in many places through election of dictatorial leaders .

My father went himself or sent emissaries on a tour of the world in the late 1940 s and early 1950 s to propagate this – not just to Britain and America but places as far away as Argentina . He got substantial attention from the Government , the TV media and the Press especially in America where he was considered an important counterweight to Nehru .



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