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10 Things I Want My Readers to Know About Me

10 Things I Want My Readers to Know About Me

1. I am incurably romantic. Extremely passionate. The beauty of being in love, of falling in love. How one forgets everything and loses oneself when one is in love. Like in the song “I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning”. It feels like there can be no higher or more sublime experience in life. It gives existence meaning

2. I find kissing more intimate than even making love. I really like it. How time stops and everything stops and one is completely in the moment when one kisses the person one is in love with.Typifies the ‘Power of Now’. At the same time sights and sounds around are intensified, a bird outside, the sunlight forming patterns of leaves on the wall, the whirr of the fan. The uniting, merging of two people. The feeling that this is precious

3. “To Dance is to Live, to Live is to Dance”- as they said in the Arthur Murray School of Dancing in London when I further improved my dancing. It is exhilarating, it liberates you. And this is all the more with the one you love – “When the girl in your arms is the girl in your heart, then you’ve got everything” – Cliff Richards

4. Get so much out of travel. There are sights that no camera can really capture or eloquence really describe, though we do try. They form indelible impressions and they change us. Like the myriad shades of the lagoon or the green and blue of the ocean thousands of miles from any continent in Tahiti. Or the hues in
the sky there at sunset. It is so much fun and such an education. Experiences – especially if you immerse yourself in local culture – local hotels, local food. Meet people. Sometimes there are unexpected challenges but then you discover your resourcefulness as you find ways to deal with them

5. I am a people person. Enjoy parties, interacting, meeting new people – still get the ‘Some enchanted evening across a crowded room’ – feeling, when I walk into a room. One gets new ideas that set one thinking, or gives one new directions especially if one listens to people. One gets inspired, energised,amused

6. I adore music – Pop, Rock, Folk and music of the 60’s, 70’s – Elvis, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Mamas and Papas, Joan Baez,Bob Dylan, Carole King, to name but a few in the explosion of creativity and variety that took place then, as well as Classical especially Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Bach. It goes straight to the heart. It has its own language

7. I am very stimulated by good cinema. How the story takes on its own life in this powerful medium. As Time magazine February 20, 2017 says “how its visual textures and moods can affect moviegoers deeply and mysteriously”. Even the photographs of movies in magazines like Films and Filming,Cahiers du Cinema whetted ones appetite. And when a film is well directed, well acted, the plot is good – like Elvira Madigan – how one thinks about the film long afterwards, the emotions expressed in it, the feelings encountered. I enjoy very much too certain theatre pieces on Broadway, West End etc.

8. Tennis is my favourite game with its magic of the sweet spot, the challenge of being down and fighting back, the satisfaction of a sizzling forehand in an unexpected spot, placements like in a game of Chess. Also enjoy watching it, for example, the white T shirts and shorts at Wimbledon, the grass giving the ball a spin and an unpredictable bounce. Also enjoy other sports like Table Tennis which surprises those who don’t know it, at what a good workout it gives

9. Curling up with a good book on the lawn or reading in the car on a timeless afternoon

10. Spirituality and Philosophy. Existential questions. Who am I, why have I come here, where am I going? The human
condition and questions of existence

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