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Living Life with No Regrets | Harp Takeaways

Living Life with No Regrets | Harp Takeaways

So how should life be lived? Without regrets – not to have regrets. At the end it’s the things that we wanted and didn’t do that cause regrets. Not the things that we did wrong. Errors are always going to be there. Growth is replete with mistakes. A certain amount of mistakes almost seem to be a condition precedent. To live spontaneously, impulsively. To live logically also, in a reasoned fashion but to have a balance between logical living and spontaneous . To give due weightage also to spontaneity and impulsiveness .

In the words of the Mamas and Papas, a group that I adored, “…Go where you wanna go, Do what you wanna do…” Not always possible. Nevertheless it is worth striving for, worth having as an attitude and believing in its possibility. Follow your heart, it always gives you answers and tell you what really matters to you, if you listen to it. Follow your dreams, see what your instinct tells you – know what you truly want and then set out to do it. If it is difficult, find ways and means to overcome the challenges, especially when it comes to love. There is nothing more important than love and it makes everything worthwhile.

There are no certainties in life. Least of all in love. Nevertheless, when you fall in love it is all consuming. And the passion that you feel, the moments that you live and experience, those are as real as anything can be. Magical, enchanted, wondrous. And nothing can take those away because they actually happened. Even when love doesn’t last forever, as it seems it should. That is why its better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. It is always worth the risk. This is one arena where one must take the risk, be bold and courageous because there is nothing more important than love.

What happens when there is an inherent and situational conflict between this all important thing love and something of fundamental importance like duty towards parents, whom you love very much and would do anything for? How are you to resolve both? Whilst there are no perfect answers nor any one answer, how the protagonists, in “Harp,” strive to fix this is another lesson readers can take away from the book.

Love doesn’t make you work less because you get lost in it. It makes you work better because everything matters so much more. Everything becomes so worthwhile, so meaningful. Every aspect of your life is interconnected and it links up to love. It becomes precious because it is part of love.

Yet, another message the book tries to convey to the reader is how knowledge is an end in itself. Acquiring it has its own satisfaction but the more one acquires, the more marketable and interesting one becomes.

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