Nidhi Dalmia

23 Mar Ides of March

‘Tis the ides of March. In school it often reminded us of Caesar, Cassius and Brutus. Now as those classroom memories fade, we are still left with the blue skies this month has in Delhi, the soft breeze and the leaves in the wind. There...

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Will You Be My Valentine

26 Feb Will You Be My Valentine

The picture that comes to mind is a young man leaning forward slightly, with his hands behind his back, something clutched in them, with the possibility of a kiss, on his mind, walking towards a young woman, who in turn is walking towards him, also...

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03 Nov Montmartre

Montmartre is its own place in a city as special as Paris.  It is quite distinct from the rest of Paris though it is the 18th arondissement. There are artistes everywhere as one goes up the hill one is immediately aware that one has alighted...

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