25 Jul One World Government

My father Ramkrishna Dalmia strongly espoused and spread the concept of One World Government . Nation states are narrow and ever changing . Humanity is just that. Our world was always interconnected and today it is even more so . A butterfly flapping its wings...

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05 Jun Indian summer – Why I love it

I remember an Israeli girl describing to an English girl in London, the intensity of an Israeli summer. How extremely hot it was and how she revelled in its unique feeling. I felt that she could have been describing an Indian summer. How does she know exactly how...

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Victory over Illness

28 May Victory over Illness

Ask an Olympic athlete the value of a fraction of a second, it is said. But ask anyone of us, who’s had a dear one ill, the value of health – immeasurable is the deeply felt realisation. Doctors have a battery of tests – technological tools...

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